Why was the BEcommunity Auction formed ?

The BEcommunity Auction was formed in 2016 to bring together the Bear Creek and East Ridge Elementary communities. The movement of the Reintree, Paradise Lake, and White Oaks neighborhoods from the Bear Creek Elementary service area to the East Ridge service area beginning in the 2017-18 school year is causing demographic shifts at both schools. Bear Creek was losing nearly half of it’s home population and shrinking in size, while East Ridge is gaining over half a new school population and increasing in size. Bear Creek Elementary had been running a successful auction for 16 years, but with an uncertain future; a change from an auction run by an alliance of Bear Creek community members and Northshore Schools Foundation to a PTA run event made sense.  To keep the ties with the community moving to East Ridge, the idea of partnering the two PTAs fundraising through an auction made sense.

Why does Bear Creek PTA and East Ridge PTA have an auction ?

The purpose of the BEcommunity Auction is to provide funding for both the Bear Creek PTA and East Ridge PTA. The auction will be the main PTA fundraiser for both schools.

Where do the funds raised through the auction go?

The funds raised will support PTA events and programming at both schools. Each schools PTA budget committees are formed in the spring to decide how funding will be allocated. These budgets are approved in June by each PTAs members at the PTA General Membership Meeting. To see where PTA funds are currently being spent by each school, please visit www.bearcreekpta.org or www.erpta.org.

How will the funds from the BEcommunity Auction be divided?

The funds from the BEcommunity Auction will be split evenly 50/50 with some limited funding possibly going to each PTA directly–maybe Fund-A-Need and class projects. These details are currently being worked out by the PTAs in the auction contract that is in development. As soon as the decisions have been made about any exceptions, it will be posted here and the communities will be notified before the event.

Why do these forms only have Bear Creek PTA’s tax id number on it? What does that mean?

Each year, the joint BEcommunity Auction will use one PTA’s tax id number for reporting purposes. For year 1, that PTA will be Bear Creek. Bear Creek will pay all of the expenses and receive all of the income from the 2016-2017 auction. After the auction is over, all of the PTA treasurers will look at the auction books and come up with the NET income from the event. This number will be divided in half (paying attention to any exceptions) and half of the funds will be donated from Bear Creek PTA to East Ridge PTA in either May or June of 2017. For example, that might look like this:
2017 auction gross income:     $100,000.00
2017 expenses:                           $30,000.00
2017 Bear Creek fund a need:  $8,000.00
2017 East Ridge Fund a need:   $7,000.00
Net Income:                                  $55,000.00
1/2 Net Income:                           $27,500.00
Bear Creek PTA keeps:                $35,500.00
East Ridge PTA check amount:   $34,500.00

Yes, this means all donations made to the auction this year will be paid to Bear Creek PTA–even if you are an East Ridge family.

Bear Creek PTA was chosen this year to be the fiduciary for the auction because Bear Creek PTA had already started placing down payments on a location and auctioneer at the time of contract negotiations.
What is Bear Creek Elementary PTA’s tax id number?

Bear Creek PTA 6.10.06, 501(c)3 EIN#: 91-1405013

What is East Ridge Elementary PTA’s tax id number?

East Ridge PTA EIN#: 91-1513050

What if I want my money to only support my own school?

Then please consider supporting your PTA through ongoing PTA fundraising. For Bear Creek PTA that is Pass the Hat. For East Ridge PTA that is _______________________.

The auction will not accept individual requests for auction donations to go to one PTA or the other. The only exception to that request will be this year–if you are currently a Bear Creek Family and you are going to be at East Ridge next year and want your fund-a-need (or other exception donation) to go to East Ridge PTA, you will be able to designate that information as we get closer to the auction.

I don’t trust Bear Creek PTA/East Ridge PTA with my money. How can I be certain that my school will receive half of the funds?

Once the auction concludes and the PTA treasurers have gone through the accounting, we will post how the funds were divided on this web site. We also recommend getting to know your PTA treasurer, they do a lot of hard work behind the scenes that often goes unnoticed. Another great way to get involved with PTA finances is to volunteer to be on the Financial Review Committee. This committee reviews the PTA accounting practices at mid-year and end-of-the-year. If you are interested in being part of this committee, please contact your respective PTA President.

What should I wear?

Anything goes – business casual to formal wear. The main thing is to come ready to have fun and support our wonderful PTAs.

How will cashiering work the night of the auction?

This question will be answered soon.

What is the Pick-of-the-Live raffle?

These raffle tickets are sold during the silent auction prior to the live auction. The winner of this raffle will have first choice of any item from the live auction.

Who is running this auction?

The auction is run by Bear Creek and East Ridge PTA volunteers . View this year’s committee members on the Contact/Committees page.

When and where will the auction take place?

The auction will take place on April 29th, 2017 at Embassy Suites in Lynnwood. Please visit the Event Info page for more information.

How can I help the BEcommunity Auction?

Please visit the Procurement/Forms page and print off the information sheet and forms there.  You can help the auction in many ways; volunteering your time as part of the auction staff, donating a service or item to be auctioned and asking friends, family and businesses for donations.

How can my business donate to the auction?

Businesses interested in donating to the BEcommunity Auction are welcome to become Auction Sponsors. There are sponsorship forms on the Sponsorship page.


Why was the ABC Auction discontinued?

The perfect storm occurred that ended the ABC Auction.

  1. 2017-18 school boundary changes and moving the 6th grade to middle school is leaving Bear Creek Elementary with a smaller/uncertain base. From what the ABC Auction committee observed during the 2016 auction cycle was that a 70 student drop at school resulted in a 40 guest attendance drop at the auction. As the school shrinks again in 2017, the number of guests wanting to attend the auction could be very small and makes planning for that difficult.
  2. Partnering with the Bear Creek Community no longer matched the mission of  Northshore Schools Foundation-which is to support all schools in the Northshore School District.
  3. Every year the school board has to approve a funds transfer from NSF to Bear Creek Elementary for the auction funds (because this amount is more than $10,000). At the school board meeting in June 2016, some school board members voted against that transfer of funds. This uncertainty makes raising funds through the ABC Auction risky as we may not have been able to access them in the future.

For information on the ABC Auction, please visit the ABC Info page.

What is the Non-Profit ID of the ABC Auction?

The ABC Auction uses the Northshore Schools Foundation non-profit 501(c)3:

Northshore Schools Foundation ID 91-1680139


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