2017-2018 BEcommunity Auction Committee

Bear Creek Chair: Kim Roemer,

East Ridge Chair: Cassie Curry,

Procurement Committee:

Procurement Leads: Jennifer Rodgers and Jeana Fisher

  • Dessert Dash: OPEN
  • Baskets (Bear Creek): Allison Kristman Valente
  • Baskets (East Ridge): Dawn Borellis
  • Sponsorship:
  • Class Projects Coordinator (Bear Creek): Ana Walker
  • Class Projects Coordinator (East Ridge): Heather Burke

Decorations Committee: Cassie Curry

  • Silent Auction Set-Up: Jennifer Rodgers, Jeana Fisher, Nester Mukoaa
  • Tabletop Set-Up:
  • Photowall (Bear Creek): Caedin Pettigrew
  • Photowall (East Ridge): Lori Burkman
  • Games/Raffles: Cassie Curry, Rosathe Underwood, Lynn
  • Gift:
  • Graphic and Art Design: Sally Wolfe
  • Signage: Brooke Jones, Lynn


  • Reservations: 
  • Seating Chart:
  • Catalog: Lori Burkman
  • Website: Brooke Jones,
  • Volunteer Coordinator: OPEN
  • Party Coordinator: Dawn Borellis
  • Slideshow: OPEN
  • Teacher Liason (East Ridge):
  • Teacher Liason (Bear Creek): Jennie Abel
  • Treasurer: Cassie Curry
  • Clean Up Commitee:

Work Party Team: 

Procurement Party Team:

If you are interested in any open positions or joining any committees, please email an auction Chair.



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