2012 ABC Auction/Class Projects

The 2011-12 ABC Auction Presents:

An Affair To Remember

Auction Chair: Anna Adams

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A very special thank you to the sponsors of the 2012 ABC Auction:

Platinum Level

Barry Glenn / State Farm Insurance

Andrea Rogers / Orange Commercial Credit

Dr. Rama Oskouian / Woodinville Pediatric Dentistry

Butler & Butler Real Estate

Gold Level

Michelle Blue / Windermere Real Estate

Charlie Carter, Matt Bien / Homebridge Builders

Dr. Jeremy Chaison / Bothell Orthodontics

Brian Lampe / BTL Engineering

Auction Photographer

Gail Marion

2012 Class Projects

“Planter Box with Glass Art”
Mrs.McKnight and Mrs.Mustach 3rd.Gr. Class

The 3rd Grade students in Mrs. McKnight and Mrs.Mustach’s class have learned about fused glass art by Glass Artist Connie Walsworth. They created large fused glass flowers and caterpillars. All these are mounted on stakes to enhance the beauty of your garden or home. All are staked into a large custom made garden planter box. The students’ inspiration came from variety of flowers and bugs.

“Thread Light, Garden Delight”
Mrs.Draper’s 5th.Grade Class

Enhance the beauty of your garden with this garden project. Each student in Mrs.Draper’s 5th grade class used glass mosaics to create a beautiful motif. All these were placed into unique stepping stones for your yard. A classic work of art you’ll enjoy for many years!

Value: Watch Your Step!

“Game Cabinet”
Mrs.Squires 1st.Gr.Class:

Inspired by their playful spirit, Mrs. Squires’1st grade students have chosen their favorite games to be represented on glass tiles that are inlayed into the top of a custom made game storage cabinet made by Stuart Squires of Squires Woodworking. Also, included are a few games to enhance your collection. Look close – Busy little fingers gave each of them a little something extra.

“Cottage for the Big Dog in the Neighborhood”
Kindergarten Mrs.Morrison’s Class

Mrs. Morrison’s full- day kindergarten class stained, painted and decorated a craftsman cottage for the big dog in the neighborhood which has everything your pet could ask for. Specifically, the dog house is 4′ x 4′ x 4′ made from T-111 siding with cedar trim and a cedar shake roof. The dog house has a full opening roof for easy access and cleaning.
In addition, a tub full of donated doggy treats, toys, etc. to pamper your pet is included.

The cottage was designed by BC parents Marie Koole and build by Michael Lomax.

“Children and Flowers Grow with Love”
K- Mrs.Christopherson’s class

The kindergartners in Mrs. Christopherson’s class helped create a beautiful potting bench to enhance your gardening experience. This custom cedar bench was built by a student’s grandfather and brought to life with the kindergartners’ hand painted flowers and leaves. The petals and leaves were cut from recycled soda cans and painted by the students with vibrant colors of their choice. Each artistic bloom is identified by the student’s class photo at the heart of the flower. It’s a functional garden masterpiece you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

“Seattle Skyline On Canvas”
Mrs.Jones’ 3rd.Gr.Class

Mrs.Jones 3rd.Grade students created their own version of the Seattle skyline. Directed by professional artists from CANVAS! In Kirkland, each student painted a feature that collectively creates a vibrant representation of the city, including: the Space Needle, Mount Rainier, Smith Tower, the Pacific Science Center, boats and the Ferry.
This bold and colorful work of art will add life and warmth to any room.

Thank you to CANVAS! Kirkland for their expertise and materials http://www.canvaspaintandsip.com

“Birdbath Spa”
Mrs.Deer’s 3rd.Gr.Class

Relax and enjoy the tranquility of the Pacific Northwest as birds splash away in this handmade birdbath. Every student has beautifully created a leaf by painting concrete onto the surface of a real leaf. Once processed the leaf was then hand painted and inlaid into the concrete basin of the birdbath. This elegant leaf mosaic bird bath will add whimsy to your garden year round and bring joy to wild life around you.
A treasure perfect for your backyard!

“Tick Tock Clock”
Mrs.Selg’s 2nd.Gr. Class

Learning how to read the time has never been more fun, when all your friends are on the clock! Mrs. Selg’s students have had their pictures taken, which were then artfully arranged on the face of a large antique and black colored working clock. A classy beautiful memory to behold!

“Seattle Starry Night”
Mrs.Roy’s 4th/5th Gr.Class

Based on Vincent Van Gogh’s famous “Starry Night”, and inspired by our own famous Seattle Skyline, the talented 4th and 5th graders from Mrs. Roy’s class have created “Seattle Starry Night”. Each artist used their own vision and creativity to paint a 4″x 4″ canvas block. The thirty miniature masterpieces have been mounted with magnets into a frame to create a community vision of Seattle by night.

The result is a stunning piece of art … It’s a painting, it’s a puzzle all in one!

“Campfire In Style”
Mrs.Smith’s Fifth Grade Class

Enjoy a late summer’s evening by a warm fire, coming from a beautifully decorated firepit. Each student in Mrs.Smith’s class has practiced creating a symmetrical design, loosely based on a Mandala, on a 3″ square paper tile. Our focus was symmetry in design, while working with a limited color palette. These creations were then painted on ceramic tiles that were fired and mounted onto a square metal firepit. It comes with a complete s’mores set to get you started!

“Cool Reflections”
Mrs.Phillips 6th.Grade Class

The 6th. Grade students learned about glass fusing from Glass Artist Kory Shue. They then used different types of glass in “cool” colors to create their own “diamonds” of glass. Each design is unique, showcasing the students individual creativity. All pieces are wire mounted with a rotating hook, into a decorative metal tri-fold screen- accentuating the conical glass votives above.

Mrs.Westberg’s 6th Gr. Class Project

The students in Mrs.Westberg’s class had a fun and memorable time making this whimsical art display that will decorate your wall for years to come!
These 6th.graders created a unique “class photo” on canvas. They dressed and decorated their own hand to create a “hand puppet”. All “students” posed for a professional photo taken by Stephanie Castor.
Do you recognize the students?

“Scented Soap Flowers in Custom Painted Pots”
Mrs.Crawford’s 2nd Gr. Class

Each student in Mrs.Crawford’s class has learned how to make scented soaps.
They created various scented soap flowers, and bunnies which are placed on “stems” and “planted” in terra-cotta flower pots, hand-painted by each student. The pots make excellent hostess-gifts and are offered for sale during the silent auction.

Value: Everything Grows!

“Cookie Jar”
Mrs.Paisley’s 1st.Gr. Class:

Mrs. Paisley’s class has helped to decorate a large ceramic cookie jar with
20 chocolate chip cookies on the jar. Every child put chocolate chips on their own “cookie” with their fingerprints. Their name is next to the cookie they decorated. The jar was professionally fired and comes with scrumptious class-made chocolate chip cookies made by our very own 1st.graders. The cookies are baked fresh, and the recipe will be included.

“Being Me”
Mrs.Gangwish and Mrs.Hetherington 1st.Gr.Class:

This whimsical silhouette artwork captures the joy of childhood and reminds us to be true to ourselves. Each of Mrs. Hetherington & Mrs. Gangwish’s first graders chose their favorite activity to capture in silhouette. Photographer and Bear Creek Mom, Heather Hart, beautifully captured each of them showing off their individuality. The class collaborated to write a Seussical quote in their own handwriting to contribute to the finished piece. Cora Goss-Grubbs artfully arranged the images and saying into this whimsical canvas art.

“Mandala Masterpiece”
Mrs.Mallory’s 4th.Gr. Class

Bring some beauty and Zen into your home with this “Mandala Masterpiece”
The students in Mrs.Mallory’s 4th.Gr. Class have designed and painted a series of mandalas. All are done in acrylic on canvas and mounted in a 2’6″
x 2’6″ framed and gridded composition. Each mini -canvas has been adhered with Velcro, allowing you to change the look as you please.

Value: A Masterpiece to Behold!

“Origami Kimonos”
Mrs. Sherman’s 5th. Grade Class

Presenting a unique piece of wall art: The students in Mrs.Sherman’s class have been busy learning the art of Origami. They have folded elegant Origami Kimono’s that have been mounted into a frame. This is an elegant, timeless classic piece of art that will grace any home or office.

Value: Art Second To None!

“Epic Flower Fusion”

Mrs. Keeton’s and Ms. Eckart’s Fourth Grade Class

With an artistic flair these fourth grade students layered colorful cylindrical glass and brought to fruition this bouquet of flowers in a lovely shadow box with the help of glass artist Jim Matthews. Each child chose the flowers and colors to compliment the bright colors of springtime.

The box is illuminated with L.E.D. lighting and framed in a brushed chrome finish. A beautiful piece that will hold memories reminiscent of your children’s school days for years to come.

“All Seasons in Glass Firescreen”

Mrs.Nelson’s Class

The students in Mrs. Nelson’s 6th. Grade Class each made a fused glass tiles to decorate a fire screen.  They designed either a flower or a seasonal tree (fall, winter, spring, summer). The 12 flower tiles are attached to a fireplace screen, the tree tiles can be hung on the screen as well and switched out by season if you’d like.  This set includes a storage box for any tiles not being used as well as fireplace tools.

“Fused Glass Vases”
Mrs.Robb’s 2nd. Grade Class

Bring Spring into your home with these beautiful vases. The second graders in Mrs. Robb class learned about fused-glass technique while creating glass objects that were fused onto these two vases. Their inspiration was spring flowers and their study of butterflies. Each vase has a unique set of images. Enjoy Spring in your home year round!


2 thoughts on “2012 ABC Auction/Class Projects

  1. Mike and Anne Lind May 3, 2012 / 8:26 pm

    More projects on the way…. we’ll post as soon as they are ready!!
    a BIG Thank you to all project volunteers and BC parents, and community artists to help create these truly beautiful pieces! We could not do this without you.
    Anne Lind
    Projects Coordinator/ABC Auction

  2. Helen V. August 6, 2014 / 2:28 pm

    I am not a parent , but these are by far the most original,skillfully done projects i have had the pleasure to view in a very long time. Everyone involved should be beaming with pride. These projects not only provide useful skills, they also develop a mindset that will follow them through their entire life. How very proud everyone must be !

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