The ABC Auction supports Bear Creek Elementary School  and the Northshore Schools Foundation. Bear Creek Elementary School is located in Woodinville, Washington and is part of the Northshore School District.

Mission Statement

Alliance for Bear Creek Community is dedicated to supporting the great work of our staff, parents, and students at Bear Creek Elementary as well as our Northshore Schools Foundation. The purpose of our annual auction is to support our communities with enrichment programs and staff salary that fall beyond the scope of our traditional PTA programs. The ABC Steering Committee conducts an annual survey of our community to select the Fund-a-Need item as well as make any necessary adjustments on selecting programs to support.An annual ABC Auction is held to raise funds to support the Bear Creek Elementary and the Northshore Schools Foundation communities.

Auction Background

The Alliance for Bear Creek Community (ABC) was formed in 2001 to enhance funding for Bear Creek Elementary. ABC partners with the Northshore Schools Foundation (NSF), a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. This relationship was developed to allow for more flexible spending of the funds raised since local PTA programs are not able to fund staff.

NSF provides ABC with essential insurance and administrative support in exchange for 10% of the auction proceeds that are then used to support the Foundation’s district-wide educational programs. An auction proved to be a very effective way to raise funds for programs that benefit all grade levels and children in the school.

Thanks to the generosity and hard work of the entire Bear Creek community – teachers, staff, parents, students and area businesses – auction funds support the development and sustainability of a leveled reading library, our high-quality science program taught by Brooke Kasner, additional school assistants who support teachers in providing one-on-one or small group instruction, and a teacher coaching program that helps our teachers develop the most effective strategies.


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