Less than a month away! 1st Class Project Complete

Mrs. Christopherson’s class project–Fused Glass Tile is our first complete auction project! Check out the details on the Class Projects page.


We will be assembling the auction baskets on Friday May 13th. We will need all items for the baskets to arrive before that date so they can be assembled. If you would like to donate to your class basket–or would like to adopt a basket you can still do so! But do it now! We still have some very lonely baskets that are waiting for adoption. Email Kate Dick (katedick@comcast.net) to adopt.

wine-bottles.jpg                           Wine Needed!

We’re looking for wine for a few of our games. If you have wine sitting around from all of your wine clubs or would like to purchase some to donate, please email Nicole Marshalek (nicolemarshalek@gmail.com) or Jeana Fisher (jeanacfisher@gmail.com) to arranage a pick up/drop off.

Auction Cashiering

We will be using the SQUARE system that we used last year for cashiering. Their costs are the lowest that we’ve been able to find, saving us around $1000 in credit card fees last year. The procedure will be the same for payment as last year–we will NOT be handing out final receipts the night of the auction. We will email you a receipt the following week with your auction purchases. Within this email will be a secure link to pay your receipt via credit card. As guests last year, you were great and paid in a timely fashion–Thank you! If you would like to pay with cash or check, you can still do so the night of the auction. When you check in, please let registration know. (Registration will not have any cash the night of the auction to make change).

Please Make Checks Payable to Northshore Schools Foundation!

Several classes are doing individual projects and presale raffle tickets will be coming up–All checks need to be made to Northshore Schools Foundation. (all of our accounting runs through the Foundation). If you are donating to help offset the cost of your class auction project (usually $5-$10) those checks should be made payable to the class volunteer.

Don’t forget to figure out what you’re going to wear and line up your babysitter now–the auction is only 3 weeks away!




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