Don’t forget about tickets and baskets!

ticketWe still have a few auction tickets left to sell, so we’ve extended the deadline. If you’re wanting to come to the auction–please purchase your tickets on the Event/RSVP page now! You can also view the full menu and event timeline there. We will sell tickets until we reach our 170 limit or we have to turn our final number into Willows Lodge in mid April.

Thank you so much to our newest “Hustle” Sponsor–Jeanmarie Shelton/Jeanmarie’s Photography!



Many of the classrooms have adopted baskets for the auction–check to see if your class has on the Baskets page. If you would like to choose a basket for your class to adopt, please email Nicole Marshalek ( or Kate Dick ( and let them know which basket you would like. The auction committee will be putting baskets together the week before the auction.

The ABC Auction Steering Committee has asked us to put up a place for families who aren’t attending the auction to be able to make a donation. Check out the Donate Now page to see how you can make an online donation to the auction through the Northshore Schools Foundations website.

If you’re curious about what the auction is and what is funds please visit the About page and the ABC Funds page. 


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