Last Week To Purchase Tickets!

This is the last week to purchase tickets to the 16th Annual ABC Auction! Tickets sales will end on Tuesday, April 5th. To purchase your ticket just visit the RSVP page now. We have a fabulous new venue this year at Willows Lodge–you don’t want to miss out!

Baskets are now available for adoption. All the items for the baskets can be purchased through the ABC Auction basket wish list–or you can purchase items elsewhere, just let us know. We have a lot of fun new basket types this year, check them out on the Baskets page. If you would like to adopt a basket, please email Kate Dick or Nicole Marshalek.

Thank you so much to  “Hustle” Sponsor, Brian Lampe / BTL Engineering!


Our first new sponsor this year at the “Stayin’ Alive” level is Matheus Lumber!



S.A.F.E. Program Update 2015 Fund-A-Need

Linda Yee, our S.A.F.E coordinator gave a great talk at the PTA general membership meeting last week. You can view her powerpoint presentation that she gave during the meeting–>SAFE powerpoint. It was very insightful how much work she has been doing with our students. Some of your students may have participated in some of the small group meetings that have occurred in some grades. Linda also has spent a lot of time in each classroom since the beginning of the year working on Mindfulness. She generally does a 15 minute lesson with the classes. Ask your child about the breathing and eating exercises that have been part of the lessons. We’ll keep the powerpoint on the ABC Funds page.

clock>>>>>>>>The timing of the auction is a little earlier this year–5 pm start time, 7 pm for dinner. Last year the auction started at 5:30pm and dinner started at 7:45pm. Make sure you come with enough time to look through all of our fabulous silent items!


Class Projects

Most of the class projects have started. You may have received a letter asking for a small donation of $5 or $10 to go toward the cost of the project. Volunteers are working hard and generally spend much of their own money to make sure the projects succeed. If you are able, please send in a small donation–every bit helps (checks made payable to the volunteers, not Northshore Schools Foundation).

Sponsorship and Procurement

The ABC Auction is still looking for sponsors and procurement! If your business would like to sponsor the auction or you have some items to donate please contact Brooke Jones, for sponsorship information or Joan Quinonez, for procurement information or to arrange a pickup/drop off.

2014 Fund-A-Need School Beautification 

Beautification is still happening at Bear Creek! Hopefully you’ve noticed the great new signage and the display cases for artwork. Thank you so much to Kate Dick, Katie Morris, and Principal Sarah White for continuing to work on these projects.

2016 Fund-A-Need

The Steering Committee has been deciding on this year’s Fund-A-Need. The teachers and staff have filled out a survey and the committee has been taking community input. They will be choosing the Fund A Need in the next few weeks and we’ll let you know. If you have an idea, there is still a little bit of time to reach out to our Steering Committee Community Members–Joan Quinonez, Jennifer Bromagen, and Anna Adams.





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