Auction Update–Invitations coming soon…

Auction Invitations will be sent home on March 11th in Friday folders!

While you are waiting for invitations, there are still a couple of rooms available for the night of the auction at Willows Lodge. To book, call Willows at 1 (877) 424-393 and mention ABC Auction to get the auction discount.


Don’t forget to start looking for your fabulous 70’s outfit to wear the night of the auction–bell bottoms, leisure suits, wrap dresses, sequins, polyester–anything goes!


Thank you so much to our initial ABC Auction Sponsors:

Michael Wagner / Wagner Orthodontics

Barry Glenn / State Farm Insurance

Insurance Agent Barry Glenn

We’re looking for additional sponsors as well–if you or your company would like to sponsor the ABC Auction, please visit the Sponsorship Page or email Brooke Jones, with questions.

Families Support the Auction

If you are wondering how you can help the auction, we’re taking donations of all kinds. We’ll also be unveiling the ABC Auction Basket Wishlist on Amazon soon as well, and this is a great way for your family support the auction.

Did you receive any gift cards or gift certificates for Christmas that aren’t your style and you won’t be using? Donate these to the auction and take the tax deduction instead! Just drop them off in the ABC Auction Basket in the office.

Class projects will be starting soon and your child will have a fun art docent lesson to go along with the project. We encourage you to donate a small sum to support the cost of your class project. The auction projects bring in a lot of money for the auction and are incredibly important to it’s success. Thank you so much to all of the volunteers who are leading a project this year!  Just a few classes do not have volunteers; Jones, Hager, Draper, and Phillips. If you are interested in leading a project or have questions about what is involved, please email the class project chairs, Kim Hagstrom, or Ana Walker, We can help you come up with ideas!




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