2016 ABC Auction/Class Projects

The Alliance of Bear Creek Community Auction presents:

Studio 54

16th Annual ABC Auction

Friday, May 20th, 2016

Auction Chair: Nicole Marshalek

A very special Thank You to the 2016 Sponsors:

Disco Inferno Sponsors ($1000+)

Chateau Ste. Michelle 

The Hustle Sponsors ($500-$999)

Barry Glenn / State Farm Insurance

Brian Lampe / BTL Engineering

Jeanmarie Shelton / Jeanmarie’s Photography

Stayin’ Alive Sponsors ($250-$499)

Dr. Michael Wagner / Wagner Orthodontics

Bruce Sellers / Windermere Woodinville

Matheus Lumber

2016 Class Projects

Mrs. Morrison’s Kindergarten Class – Self Portrait Quilted Wall Hanging 

The class created a quilted memento of their kindergarten year. The kids drew a self-portrait that was transferred to fabric that is the centerpiece of this wonderful quilted wall hanging. It’s a fun colorful piece of art that will look wonderful in anyone’s home.

Special thanks to Chris and Tricia Obert.

Value: Kindergarten warmth on your walls!

 Mrs. Morrison’s Kindergarten ClassSalmon and Bear Creek Elementary Impressions 

To honor the school, a local artist did a hand sketch of the building and the creek beyond it. The children each added a fingerprint Salmon to the scene. It’s a wonderful piece of art to celebrate your child’s elementary school years!

Special thanks to Summer Oleksy and Austin Niezgocki of Duvall.



Mrs. Anderson’s First Grade Class – Wild Side Tee Pee

The first graders each added handprints and a decorative paw print they painted to adorn a sturdy canvas tee pee. This tee pee will hold up to all kinds of adventures and creative play. Hours of fun await your wild ones in this animal print themed tee pee playhouse!  

Special thanks to Ana Walker and Amy De La Chica.

Value: Bring out the wildlife in your living room!


Ms. Selg’s First Grade Class – First Grade Adventures at Sea

Ms. Selg’s first grade class has given new life to a discarded wood palette by repurposing it into an imagination “ship” for your home–will your student float down the river like Huck Finn or sail the seven seas as a pirate. The first graders each chose and made a flag from the Maritime Alphabet out of felt. The flags hang from the ship or can be removed and hung on your wall. The ship can be used inside or outside and will be a fun addition to your home! Aye aye, matey!

Special thanks to Brooke Jones, Jamey Boshee, and Sara Iverson

Value: Ship to shore fun!

Mrs. Gangwish’s First Grade Class – My Hand to Your Heart

Mrs. Gangwish’s first graders created a  memorable gift by tracing their hands on clay. The hands were fired and painted and then framed. Each child’s name and a poem they wrote are mounted on the back. This sweet gift will be a keepsake for years to come!

Special thanks to Patti Domenici and Jeana Fisher!

Value: High fives for first grade!

Ms. Jones’ Second Grade Class- Second Grade Steps

Every time you admire this piece, it will take you back to your child’s second grade year with Ms. Jones. Imprints of each child’s shoe pressed in clay and professionally framed deserves a special place in your home!

Special thanks to Emmy Hager and to Picket Fence Studio for firing our project.

Value: No One Walks Over These 2nd Graders!

Mrs. Morris’ Second Grade Class- With My Hands Art Bowl

The students of Mrs. Morris’ 2nd grade class created a beautiful bowl out of clay. Each child’s hand was cut out of clay, decorated, and combined together to create this work of art. In addition, the class made a book which includes a photo and writing piece from each child. 

Special thanks to Cari Carlson and Kate Cohen.

Value: With my hands, the possibilities are endless!


Mrs. Robb’s Second Grade Class – Tic Tac Toe Yard Fun

Ladybugs vs. Tadpoles Outdoor Tic Tac Toe Game and

Bumblebees vs. Blue bugs Outdoor Tic Tac Toe Game

Have fun challenging your friends and family with these beautiful sets of tic-tac-toe. These bugs and tadpoles are eager to land on the lily pads or to smell the flowers!
Base made of natural walnut wood.  Rock game pieces are hand painted by the creative and game-loving students in Mrs. Robb’s second grade class. A long lasting addition to your collection of games which will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.
Dimensions: 11″ diameter x 4″ height

Special thanks to Ingrid Gooding.

Value: Tic Tac Toe go!

Mrs. McKnight’s Third Grade Class – S’More Time Fire Pit Set

The third graders have helped us create a fun outdoor firepit set. Included in the set are wonderful benches built by David Westburg, a black firepit, and tools for roasting marshmallows. Each child then added their thumbprints to create marshmallow sticks on a crate that holds all the fixings needed for a fun time around the fire making s’mores. Hours of family fun can be had if you are lucky enough to take home this great set!

Special thanks to David Westburg and Kim Roemer.

Value: Sweet treats in the great outdoors!

Mrs. Hager’s Third Grade Class – Celebrate Gardens Bench

Mrs. Hager’s students put their thumbprints on this wonderful handcrafted cedar planter bench and turned them into ladybugs! The bench is flanked on each end by two square planters that are decorated with the ladybugs and painted in shades of green. A great place to sit and watch your garden develop this summer!

Special thanks to David and Stacey Robb and Nicole Marshalek.


Value: Sit and enjoy the scenery!


Mrs. Deer’s Third Grade Class – Wishing through Paper Cranes

Inspired by the legend of the thousand paper cranes, the students each wrote a wish on origami paper and folded their own paper crane. These wonderful examples of paper art are displayed in a shadow box frame. They are ready to come decorate your home and remind you to make wishes.

Special thanks to Summer Oleksy, Jamey Boshee, Shawna Cohen, Christy Deer


Value: Art and legend create wonderful lessons for the kids!

Mrs. Squires Fourth Grade Class –  Backyard Beverage Station

Who wants a plain old igloo cooler sitting on their deck when you can have this cedar beverage cooler instead? The cooler is inside the bar! It has a bottle opener, shelves, and a removable chalk board decorated with bottle caps by Mrs. Squire’s 4th grade class. A great addition to your outdoor entertaining space!

Special thanks to Robyn Sims and Jeanmarie Shelton.

Value: Cold drinks served in style!


Mrs. Crawford’s Fourth Grade Class –

Northwest Native American Art Salmon Table and Bench

The kids in Mrs. Crawford’s class studied the basics of formline, the design elements around which Northwest Coast Native art is built. Each student was given a salmon outline and they used the shapes from the formline art to create their own native American inspired salmon art piece. These were then transferred and burned onto reclaimed cedar plank bench and table tops that are mounted on hairpin legs. Each fish is a unique interpretation of each child’s 4th grade year that is filled with learning about cedar and salmon. This unique to the Northwest style of art will be a great addition to any home.

Special thanks to Kim Hagstrom, Brooke Jones, Kelly and Mike Locke.

Value: Salmon are all around us this year!


Mrs. Phillips’ Fourth Grade Class – Copper Tooled Mirror

A beautiful mirror was created out of metal The students discussed Pacific Northwest Native American Art and each student designed a salmon. The students transferred their designs to copper/aluminum foil which have been mounted onto 4″ wooden squares. The tiles have been brushed with India ink and will be mounted into a 32 x 32 frame and a mirror placed in the center. This wonderful example of Northwest art style will be a wonderful addition to your home!

Special Thanks to Kristi and Konstantin Komissarchik

Value: See the salmon in a new style!


Mrs. Jacob’s Fifth Grade Class – Hot Air Balloons

One of the special things about Woodinville is seeing hot air balloons drift through the sky in the summer. The students in Mrs. Jacob’s class are celebrating the bright balloons with a wonderful painting of their own colorful, artfully detailed balloons that are grouped together on the canvas. A wonderful addition to any family’s art collection!

Special thanks to Shara McCann


Value: Flying art inspiration!

Mrs. Draper’s 5th Grade Class – Fifth Grade Reflections

The students got to have fun with layering glass pieces into many different faces, swords, flowers and butterflies. These tiles that they created were fused into a frame for a wonderful mirror. This beautiful glass art would make a wonderful addition to an entryway or even your child’s bedroom.

Special thanks to Cathy Draper, Maneerat Tanasarnsaenee, Nikita Thakalath and Glazed Amazed in Edmonds.

Value: The reflection is as beautiful as the mirror!

Fused Glass Tiles–Mrs. Christopherson’s 5th Grade Class

Mrs. Christopherson’s 5th grade students designed and selected glass pieces to create beautiful glass display tiles.  The final projects were fused glass from various layered square shapes glued onto an 8”x8” clear glass square.  Jim Matthews, Bear Creek parent alum and glass artist, donated his time and expertise to prepare the glass and assist the students with their projects.  Spectrum Glass in Woodinville donated all of the glass pieces and their large kiln to fire the projects.

 A big thank you to volunteers: Susan Lampe and Jim Matthews, Bear Creek parent alum

Spectrum Glass, Woodinville http://www.spectrumglass.com/

Value: It’s Hip To Be Square!

Sixth Grade Classes – Whimsical Glass Garden Flowers

The sixth graders from Ms. Smith’s, Mrs. Westburg’s and Mrs. Nelson’s classes all used repurposed glass items and paint to create colorful, patterned flowers for your yard. The glass dishes are stacked together and painted and then mounted on a metal stake. These will be beautiful, shiny addition to your northwest landscape!

Special thanks to Ana Walker and Anne Lind.

2016-05-17 Glass Flowers- Auction Project 2016misc

Value: Recycled whimsy!