Save The Date, Studio 54–Let’s Boogie!

Hello Friends of ABC Auction–you should have received your 16th Annual ABC Auction, Studio 54 Save the Date yesterday in Friday Folders! We’ve moved the location over to Willows Lodge here in Woodinville. We’re very excited for the change in venue and hope you will be too. We’ll be posting more information about booking a hotel room for the night of the auction soon.

Auction Parties

We’ve been finishing up a few of the sign up parties from the auction and they were a lot of fun. Joan Quinonez taught us how to make fondant and decorate cakes at the Cake and Cocktails party in September.

Kim Hagstrom hosted a jewelry making class a few weeks ago and she taught us how to design and make a bracelet. Thank you so much ladies for donating your knowledge to these parties!

We still have one party left–the Zumba Party hosted by Jeanmarie Shelton. Come shake it with the ladies for a Friday night pre-holiday calorie burn! Stay and enjoy some festive cocktails after.

Date: November 20, 2015

Time: 6pm-8pm

Where: Woodinville Family Karate

Ticket: $20

If you’re interested in purchasing a ticket, please email Brooke Jones, and we’ll add you to the list.


As many of you have been following along with Mrs. White in Bear Tracks, you know that our 2015 Fund A Need–S.A.F.E Program is in full swing. It was fantastic the Mrs. White was able to get this program started right away at the beginning of the year and it will continue throughout the school year. Linda Yee, one of our school assistants, is the coordinator for this program. She is an experienced school assistant at Bear Creek and has a background in family counseling. Approximately 2.5 hours per day of Linda’s time is devoted to this program and funded by the auction. Her time will include supporting teachers with class lessons for bullying prevention, class lessons or class meetings to support positive behavior and friendship skills, and small group and individual support for students. As we learn of student needs, we are forming lunch groups and recess groups for students who need support with friendship and/or social skills. Currently Linda is also spending a lot of time out at recesses to observe students and support them with a great start, and has a particular eye on students we know may struggle with being anxious or forming friendships. Linda will also have time in her schedule to check in with individual students who need her support.

Our 2014 Fund A Need–School Beautification is still on going. Kate Dick, Katie Morris, and Principal Sarah White have been tirelessly working with the district for the continuation of the program–the progress is slow but steady. We’ll continue to see changes around the school. There are still funds set aside specifically for the School Beautification and we’ll keep continue with the School Beautification until all of the funds are used.

Financial Update

For the 2015 ABC Auction we raised almost $98,000! (Gross Income) Thank you so much for your donations throughout the year! The support of our community is so amazing every year. These funds will be used mostly for staffing–our Science Specialist Mrs. Kasner and additional office staff. The funds for the Fund A Need are specifically earmarked for that program (as well as the continuation of the 2014 Fund A Need). 10% of our donations are shared with Northshore Schools Foundation and go toward supporting all of the students in the Northshore School District.

If you haven’t submitted your company match yet–please do so by the end of the year! Let us know if you need a copy of your receipt (email– to submit. Choose Northshore Schools Foundation as your charity and in the notes line please type ABC Auction.

How You Can Help

The 2016 ABC Auction has been up and running since school started. There are so many ways that you can help! We’re looking for amazing auction sponsors, fun and unique procurement, and fabulous volunteers. We’re currently having procurement work parties about once a month. If you have a free morning and want to drink some coffee and help the auction, we want you! Just bring your laptop and we’ll get you started–no pressure, just a lot of fun! If you want to join us, please email our Procurement Manager Joan Quinonez,



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