Dessert Dash Issue :(

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening on Friday! We are overwhelmed by the generosity of our community again!

We sent out auction receipts today, if you did not receive it, please check with your spouse as I only had one email address spot. Please carefully review your receipt.

Dessert Dash 

You may have noticed an indication on your receipt by the dessert dash line that there maybe a discrepancy in the amount. What has happened is the Dessert Dash Bid Sheets were misplaced at the auction–we realized Monday evening as we started organizing everything that we were missing them. On Tuesday we talked with the volunteers and the Marriott to see if we could locate them, but we could not find them. On Tuesday and Wednesday we called and talked to some of you to try to recreate the bid sheets for the tables. We really wanted to get the receipts out to everyone as soon as possible so we made a decision to put $20 in as the dessert dash amount on the remaining guests. We would like you to email us if your amount is incorrect and let us know the correct amount–we’ll then update your receipt and email it to you for payment. If you have a change that needs to be made please email Joan Quinonez, If you have any questions I am happy to answer them–Brooke Jones, I apologize for this inconvenience and we’ll get your receipts resolved as soon as possible.


Take a look at your receipts, the value of your purchase in placed in parentheses after the description of the item. You can pay your receipt by clicking the button to pay.

We’re trying to have the income and expenses settled up by the end of the month and be able to give you a nearly accurate idea of how much the auction raised this year.



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