Last day for Early bird tickets!

Auction Tickets

Early bird pricing ends today (Monday, March 23rd) at Midnight!

Don’t delay–today is the last day for early bird pricing for the 15th Annual ABC Auction! Purchase your tickets now through eventbrite by visiting the Event/RSVP page. A lot of people haven’t purchased your tickets yet, do it today, save $10!

Thank yous so much to our Royal Flush Sponsor Barry Glenn State Farm! Barry has been a loyal sponsor of the ABC Auction for 8 years–we’ll miss you Barry, thank you for all that you’ve done!

Basket Adoptions

Over half of the baskets have been adopted, but we still need a few families or classes to adopt these remaining baskets. Please visit the Baskets page to purchase your items for any of the baskets by using the Amazon link (our PTA will earn money!) or just to view which baskets are still available. This is a fun and easy way to support our aucton. Please contact Nicole Marshalek, with which basket you would like to adopt or questions.

2014 Auction Purchases

Don’t forget to use any gift certificates that you purchased at last year’s auction! Most gift certificates had a 1 year expiration date–please check your certificate for details.

Fund-A-Need and ABC Steering Committee Survey

The ABC Steering Committee is looking for ideas for this year’s Fund-A-Need. If you have any ideas or suggestions for a possible Need, please fill out this ABC Auction Survey, or email Anna Adams, Filling out this survey will also help to decide on the distribution of auction funds.

Procurement and Sponsorship

The auction is looking for amazing procurement to make this year’s auction a success! If you frequent a business or have a connection with a local business, please print a 2015 Procurement Form and take it with you the next time you go–it never hurts to ask! If you are a business and would like to support our auction either through a donation or sponsorship, we would appreciate it and need your support to make the ABC Auction a success! Please contact Joan Quinonez ( with procurement questions or Brooke Jones ( with sponosrship questions.


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