2015 ABC Auction/Class Projects

The 2014-20145 ABC Auction Presents:

Casino Royale

Auction Co-Chairs, Joan Quinonez, Brooke Jones, Ann Ashford

A big THANK YOU to the 2015 ABC Auction Sponsors!

Royal Flush  ($1000+ Donation)

Barry Glenn / State Farm Insurance

Full House ($500-$999 Donation)

Brian Lampe / BTL Engineering

Dr. Rama Oskouian / Woodinville Pediatric Dentistry

Yuki Chan / Max & Sam Photography (Yuki will be taking pictures during the auction)

Patrick Kaczmarek/ Woodinville Family Karate

World of Wines Redmond

3 of a Kind ($250-$499 Donation)

Bruce Sellers / Woodinville Windermere

Matt Flinn / State Farm

Jeanmarie Shelton Photography

The Container Store

Family Time is Worth Every Second- Mrs. Morris’ 2nd Grade Class

Our students put it best, “We love spending time with our families! Games and vacations are our favorite! But it doesn’t matter what we do or where we go as long as we’re together!”  With the help of our parent volunteers, your children helped develop a very cool chess board and USA map out of cork board to plan your future vacations. In addition, our class will be making a wall clock in the upcoming week to make sure we make the time to spend with our families.

morris15 morris215


Value: Our families are precious to us!

A BIG thank you to volutneers Meghan Newell and Tricia Price 

Copper Embellished Ladder Planter- Mrs. Hager’s Third Grade Class

Mrs. Hager’s students embossed copper tiles with nature inspired motifs to adorn a cedar ladder planter.  Fill the planters with flowers to brighten your yard, or herbs to brighten your cooking. Enjoy the unique artistry of the students as the sun reflects on the copper squares.  You can move the four cedar planters for ease of planting, and the stand folds for ease of mobility. Bring home this wonderful addition to your deck or patio today!



Value: Patio Bling!

A BIG thank you to volunteers Kim Hagstrom and Patti Domenici

Picturesque Peacock – Mrs. Gangwish 1st Grade Class

Mrs. Gangwish and her first grade class had fun creating watercolor paintings that were used to create beautiful peacock feathers. The kids had so much fun creating their own shapes and colors and while each one is different, they came together to make a delightful piece of art.

On the back of the frame, each student’s feather is marked with their name.

Make a spot on your wall for this vibrant piece of art!


Value: Peacocks are pretty!

Special thanks to volunteer Kate Dick

Handful of Hearts Canvas Print – Mrs. Anderson’s Class 1st Grade Class

Mrs. Anderson’s first graders created a colorful 24×24 canvas collage using their hands as the subject matter.  Each student chose their favorite background color and positioned their hands in the shape of a heart for the snapshot.  This fun & vivid canvas would make a great addition to your home, office or playroom.  How much love can you spread?



Value: Feel the love!

A BIG thank you to volunteer Nikole Thomas!

Spring in Woodinville–Ms. Eckart’s 5th Grade Class

Ms.Eckart’s 5th grade class is creating a painting on canvas with acrylics-each student is creating one so parents can ‘bid’ on them. The landscape is currently a work in progress. The students learned about horizon line, vanishing point, creating depth by using color variations, correct placement on the canvas and size.  Cherry blossoms will be added this week. Each painting will be offered for pre-sale and unsold paintings will be sold at the auction. (Silent Auction Item)



Value: Spring is in the Air!

A BIG thank you to volunteer Anne Lind!

 Act I: Now Showing at the Puppet Theater, Act II: Lemonade for Sale! –Mrs. Morrison’s Kindergarten 

Mrs. Morrison’s kindergartners were introduced to the efficiency of a sewing machine in their creation of one-of-a-kind hand puppets.  Your children will have hours of fun putting on performances with the 25 unique felt puppets behind the curtains of this original puppet theater. When the weather gets warm, convert the hand-built unit from Theater to Lemonade Stand. Equipped with casters for easy movement, the stand is stocked with supplies for your lemonade stand. The winner of the bid will bring home endless hours of year-round fun!

morrison315 morrison215 morrison15

Value: Use your imagination! 

Special thanks to Patti Domenici


  Cherry Blossom Picnic Set–Ms. Selg’s Second Grade Class

Are you ready for summer?  This is the perfect piece of furniture to get you started.  The picnic table and benches were hand made.  The table includes a center section that can accommodate ice and beverages, flowers, or candles, the list is endless.  The benches were hand painted by the children of Ms. Selgs 2nd grade class using their thumb and pinky prints to make the beautiful cherry blossom flowers.  Each child’s name can be found near the branch that they painted.  This set is great for a party or just a picnic lunch in your yard.


Value: Plenty of Picnics!

Special thanks to Nicole and Josh Marshalek!

Custom Painted Garden Boxes – Ms. Jones’ 2nd Grade Class

Custom cedar planter boxes masterfully crafted by David Westberg and decorated by Ms. Jones 2nd Grade. Created with intricate detail and design and finished off with custom painting by our very own 2nd graders! Includes custom painted planter stakes and 17 different premium seed packs to help get you started! Cedar planter boxes are meant to ensure a long life for your very own whimsical secret garden!

 Value: Gardening is fun!

Special thanks to Kim MacKenzie!

Our Class Tree – Mrs. Robb’s 2nd/3rd Grade Class

 Doug Crawford, an artist from Bremen, Ohio, created a one of a kind hand drawing of a tree for this class project. Mrs. Robb’s 2nd/3rd grade class made their mark on the art piece by adding thumbprint leaves and signatures to the branches. The 16×20 project was professionally framed at Aaron Brothers in Woodinville, WA. The total size is 21 3/4″ x 25 3/4″. It is framed in black, with french white and taupe float mount and museum quality glass. Add this wonderful piece of art to your collection!

robb15 robb215

Value: See how we have grown this year!

Special thanks to Jodi Thomas!


Time to Enjoy Clock – Mrs. McKnight’s Third Grade Class

After Mrs. McKnight’s 3rd graders studied an extensive math unit on “time,” they decided to take things into their own “hands” and build a clock to share their new knowledge.  They used a metal tooling technique and embossed copper foil to portray what they “take time to enjoy!” They then used a black acrylic wash to give them an antiqued appearance. Their spectacular art becomes the hours and minutes on a clock made from a repurposed wine barrel donated from Woodinville’s Stevens Winery. As time ticks by each child’s piece of art on this beautiful wine barrel wall clock, you will be reminded to take time to enjoy the little things through the eyes of a child!

mcknight15 mcknight215

Value: Count the hours of fun!

Special thanks to volunteers Kelly Locke and Mandy Balsiger!


Scrabble Wall Art- Mrs. Phillips’ Fourth/Fifth Grade Class

The students in Mrs. Phillips class love to play Scrabble!  They have designed a unique and charming piece of wall art describing Bear Creek.   The words were chosen by the students and would make a perfect lasting memory to a family home.


Value: Words are fun!

 Special thanks to volunteer Marie Koole!

Swimming Salmon Table – Mrs. Kelleher’s 4th Grade Class

Own this stunning and sturdy tile-top patio bar made by Mrs. Kelleher’s 4th grade class!  Each artistic tile is brought to life with a unique hand-painted salmon fish.  Inspired by their salmon unit, the students used sponges and a variety of colors to create layering and add texture to their salmon.  The salmon are set in a blue tile mosaic, and atop a stone grey frame, perfectly capturing the scene of salmon swimming up a Pacific Northwest stream. This entire table is outdoor-ready, 42” tall, 53” long and 20” deep.  The wood framed table top is removable for transportation and multifunctional use.  Shelves in the base can be used for serving supplies or decorative potted plants.  This table is a unique conversation piece, made by our own kids!


 Value: Salmon are big in the Northwest!

Special thanks go out to Jennifer Spanton and April Herr!


 GO SEAHAWKS! Pillow and Blanket Set- Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. Sherman 4th Grade Class

 Nothing brings joy like the excitement and enthusiasm of a child. The kids of Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. Sherman’s class brought their Seahawks spirit even in the midst of the off season! Curl up with your head resting on this custom designed and hand sewn photograph pillow by Barb Preston, wrap yourself in your fuzzy Seahawks NFL licensed blanket, and enjoy the joy all year!



Value: Show your team spirit!

Special thanks to Greg and Laurel Sumner and Barb Preston!


GO SEAHAWKS! Pillow and Blanket Set – Mrs. Squire’s 4th Grade Class

 The kids of Mrs. Squires’ class were not to be outdone by Crawford/Sherman’s class. They brought their Seahawks spirit captured in a photograph that was incorporated into this handmade and custom designed keepsake photo pillow. A lucky kid, parent, relative, or friend can curl up in their own fuzzy NFL licensed Seahawks blanket and one of a kind Seahawks spirit pillow any time of year!


 Value: Show your team spirit!

 Special thanks to Greg and Laurel Sumner and Barb Preston!


Forest Reflections Mirror- Mrs. Christopherson and Mrs. Mustach’s Fifth Grade Class

 Mrs Christopherson and Mrs Mustach’s 5th grade class lent their artistic flair to making a forest themed mirror. The kids drew colorful forest scenery and animals on cut pieces of maple wood branches. These adorn a circular mirror creating a unique look that is sure to make a beautiful addition to anyone’s home!


 Value: Bring the outdoors in!

Special thanks to Ana Walker!


Camp Memory Trays – Mrs. Draper’s Fifth Grade Class

 A big part of fifth grade is getting to go to camp for outdoor learning. Each student created a glass tile reflecting on a fond memory of 5th grade camp at Camp Cedar Springs.  The tiles were then assembled and fused onto two stackable platters. What a great experience for the fifth graders! Take home these wonderful memories today!

Draper15Value: We love camp! 

Special thanks to Stacey Robb!


 Personalized Memory Boxes – Mrs. Westburg and Mrs. Nelson’s Sixth Grade Class

 The sixth grade classes created personalized decorated boxes to hold snap shots, ticket stubs and small mementos of special occasions. Jean Shelton took wonderful photos of each student and they used the photo and other items to decorate their own box. Each one is as unique and exceptional as the student who made it! (Silent Auction Item)


 Value: Bear Creek Memories!

Special thanks to Jeanmarie Shelton!


 Seattle Skyline Card Holder – Ms. Smith’s Class Sixth Grade Class

 Mrs. Smiths’ students did a collaborative frame project with a Seattle skyline painted on wood. The students also made watercolor original painted cards that can be hung from the frame. Great unique art from our 6th graders! (Silent Auction Item)


 Value: Seattle views are priceless!

Special thanks to Catherine Yoo, Earlyn Tomassini, and April Forgey!

 Jazzed Up Guitar – Mrs. Deer’s Third Grade Class

 Mrs. Deer’s students created a wonderful decorated guitar using recycled cd’s. It’s a one of kind functional art piece! Along with the guitar, the children also made a book and CD of with happy birthday written and sung in many languages. Art and music go hand in hand for this project. Enjoy making your own music today! (Silent Auction Item)

  Value: A music and art celebration!

Special thanks to Usha Mavnur!


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