Tickets still for sale and why you should support the auction!

Tickets are still for sale for the 14th Annual ABC Auction! We would like to sell about 50 more tickets. Ticket sales will end on Monday, March 31st–you have one week left–go ahead and purchase yours today!

Are you on the fence about going to the Auction? Have you never been before and don’t know what to expect? Are you unsure if you’ll know anyone there?

Reasons why you should go to the ABC Auction

1). The money raised at the auction has a huge impact on the way our school is currently structured.

We all know that a portion of the auction funds are Science Specialist Brooke Kasner–but did you know it also supports additional office staff and classroom staff? We can not afford to take these people for granted. These people are very important to our students and how they learn. EVERY student in the school benefits from the additional staff hours that the auction allows for. (visit ABC Funds for more info)

2). The auction is our voice–Fund-A-Need.

The funds from the auction allow us to make additional purchases that the school district can not afford to provide. Fund-A-Need can be used to provide a variety of items–if you ideas for future Fund-A-Needs or would like to be on a Future Steering Committee please contact a current Steering Committee member.

3). It’s fun! Meet your school community

The auction event is a lot of fun and is a great way to become more familiar with the people at our school in a more social atmosphere. This is the time when we can all celebrate the success of the school year. Another great way to meet people is to volunteer for the auction committee! Volunteering for the auction is super fun. We still need volunteers to help with day of set up–if you’re interested in helping out, please email Cari Carlson (

I’m pretty sure that there is not a family currently at our school who was there before the auction took place–we can’t become complacent and let our support dwindle. 14 years ago our school community saw a need for change and started the auction.  Holding an auction was, and continues to be, a direct way to help our school and each and every student. If you can not attend the event, there are many other ways to support the auction:

  • Donate or procure an item for the auction or adopt/fill a basket!
  • Volunteer for the auction committee! The auction needs a lot of volunteers to make it a success.
  • Your business can sponsor the auction! Sponsorship raises a lot of money for the auction and is a great way to promote your business to our school community.
  • Run a class project! The kids love working on the auction projects and the projects bring in a good portion of the live auction funds.

If you haven’t been to the auction, this is how the night goes: You’ll arrive at the auction and check-in. After that you’ll get a chance to visit the different areas of the silent auction. Have your picture taken at the photobooth, enjoy some complimentary champagne and appetizers, and play a game or two. You can purchase raffle tickets, check out the class projects, and chat with friends. Don’t forget to do some bidding on the silent items! The first silent auction will close at 7:20 (Coach Class) and everyone will move into the second silent auction (First Class). The First Class Closing will occur at 7:40 and we’ll all move into the ballroom for dinner and the live auction will start at 7:45. During the live auction, you will have a chance to bid on your class project, enjoy your dinner, bid on your dessert for the dessert dash and meet your fellow diners. If you did not request to sit with a particular person, you will be seated with families from your class or grade.

I hope this helps you decide to buy a ticket to the auction!

If you have any questions about anything auction please email your auction co-chairs, Brooke Jones ( or Emmy Hager (



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