2014 ABC Auction/Class Projects

The 2013-2014 ABC Auction Presents:

Passport to the World

Auction Co-Chairs, Emmy Hager and Brooke Jones

A big THANK YOU to the 2014 ABC Auction Sponsors!

First Class  ($1000+ Donation)

Zumba Woodinville

Sparkman Cellars

Business Class ($500-$999 Donation)

Barry Glenn / State Farm Insurance

Edge Asset Management / Ryan McCann

BTL Engineering / Brian Lampe

Butler & Butler

Coach ($250-$499 Donation)

Sarah George / White Orchid Soap Co.

Cheryl Ford / Cheryl Ford Photography

Dr. Michael J. Wagner, DMD, MS, PS

Cottage Lake Family Karate

Bruce Sellers / Woodinville Windermere

Dr. Rama Oskouian / Woodinville Pediatric Dentistry

Dreams Captured Room Divider – Ms. Eckart’s Class, 5th Grade

Ms. Eckart’s fifth graders created a 3-panel room partition decorated with a clever collage. Each student thoughtfully wrote down what is important to them now and what their dream is for the future. All of the meaningful writings are printed on fabric in their own handwriting and accented with a beautiful tree and bird silhouette representing the included quote “…roots to know where home is and wings to fly away.” Cherish a snapshot of your child’s dreams with this meaningful home decor art piece.

Special thanks to volunteers Laurel Sumner and Jessica DiMarco

Value: What’s your dream of the future?

8.5’ Copper Butterfly Rain Chain – Ms. Jones’ Class, 2nd Grade

Ms. Jones’ second graders created a butterfly rain chain that is so sweet it will brighten up any rainy day! Copper “student” butterflies painted by each member of the class adorn this decorative yet functional garden/architectural art chain and container. Ms. Jones herself painted a beautiful “teacher” butterfly. The perfect project to compliment the 2nd grader’s study of butterflies!

Hang this beautiful chain from an eave on your house to catch the rain or from a Shepard’s hook in the garden.  Watch the water funnel its way down to its container, a bird bath, rockery, water barrel or any other water catcher you can think of. Perfect for our PNW climate, but will be enjoyed rain or shine!



Value: Rain can be beautiful!

Special thanks to volunteers Kelly Locke and Jean Shelton


Directional Signs are Fun! – Mrs. Sherman’s Class, 4th Grade

Mrs. Sherman’s 4th grade students created five unique directional signs to help make your outdoor space look amazing!

A)   For the first sign, students painted a Washington State Sports themed sign.  Show off your athletic pride in our Seahawks, Sounders, Mariners, Silvertips and the Steven’s Pass Ski area.

B)   For the second sign, students created a Woodinville themed sign with Bear Creek Elementary, Woodinville Farmer’s market, Hot Air Balloon rides, and the Hollywood School House highlighted.

C)   For the third item, they have created a Seattle themed sign with the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, the Gum Wall, the Fremont Troll and the Seattle Ferry included.

D)   For the fourth item, students focused on those Husky fans by creating a University of Washington themed sign.  This sign points out the Montlake Cut, Husky Stadium, Seattle city center, a “Go Dawgs” slogan, as well as the Husky Ballpark.

E)   And last but not least, for those Cougar fans, students have created a lovely sign highlighting Martin Stadium, Pullman, Zeppoz bowling alley, “Go Cougs” slogan and Beasley Coliseum.

Each sign is 5-6 feet tall, with 2 ft directional signs and a solid cedar  wood post. Each sign will be sold individually. They will include a weatherproofing treatment, a decorative sign topper that includes solar lighting so that your sign can be seen day or night, as well as installation stakes.  Not sure how to install?  Add $20 to the final bid and we will come to your house and install it for you!  (Courtesy of Brion Newell.) View more pictures at: http://mrsshermans4th.blogspot.com/


sherman414sherman514 sherman114sherman314sherman214

Value: Remember all the fun places to go around us!

Special thanks to volunteer Meghan Newell!

Leave Your Mark on the World – Mrs. Gangwish’s Class, 1st Grade

Mrs. Gangwish’s 1st grade class has created a unique and inspirational collaborative painting on canvas. A map of the world was sketched out and each child was assigned a state, country or continent to make their colorful mark on with paint and a “fingerprint” like brush. They carefully picked their colors and with such grace and focus, placed their “marks on the world”.

It’s an inspirational piece of art to hang in your home, office or playroom. It reminds each of us that we have the opportunity in life to leave our imprint on the world. This may conjure up images of taking giant leaps, creating major change, helping others, brilliance, invention, fame or fortune to shape the world we live in.  There are endless ways we can use our lives to make a difference.



Value:  Anything is possible!

Special thanks to volunteers Heather Hart and Kerry Finney

My Cup is Overflowing Fountain & Planter–Mrs. Morris’ Class, 1/2 Split (Keepsake Book Included)

Is your cup half empty? Or half full?  In Mrs. Morris’ class, their cup is overflowing.  The first and Second graders are offering a rustic teapot fountain with flower planter. Each student has hand painted striking rocks brimming with inspiration. The rocks lie in the basin of the fountain.  In addition to the fountain, the students have created a keepsake book explaining just how much their cups are overflowing!  Welcome guests to the entrance of your home with the sound of cascading water, colorful seasonal flowers, and the artistry of the 1st and 2nd graders of Mrs. Morris’ class.



Value:  Our lives are FULL of good things!

Special thanks to volunteer  Laurie Messeroll

Self Portrait Collage – Mrs. Morrison’s Class, Kindergarten

Mrs. Morrison’s class created this beautiful wall hanging that is a priceless work of art! Each student in Mrs. Morrison’s class drew a full body representation of himself/herself which was mounted on a square with his/her name repeated. All of the squares were put together to create one large picture that measures approximately 30×32. This piece will enhance any room’s décor! It even poetically reminds you, literally, that “the best things in life…are right in front of you!”


Value: Fun portraits from a child’s view

Special thanks to volunteer Cari Carlson.

Four Piece Custom Tile Patio Seating Set – Mrs. Crawford’s  Class, 3rd Grade 

Each student in Mrs. Crawford’s 3rd grade class painted geometric designs on a 4×4 tile in 5 blue-green shades.  These fabulous tiles were used to create a unique mosaic top for the coffee table. The 4-piece set includes a love seat, two chairs and coffee table. Table and chairs have heavy duty black aluminum framing accented with celadon green cushions.  Add style to your outdoor living space with this practical and beautiful set of patio furniture.


Value: Enjoy the summer weather together!

Special thanks to Christy Dannheim and Joan Quinonez!


Folk Art Chalkboard Calendar  Ms. Selg’s Class

Ms. Selg’s 2nd graders have created a beautiful piece of functional art.  It is not only a calendar, but also a chalkboard.  Each glass calendar tile is uniquely decorated by the students.  The custom wooden frame is etched and painted to show the seasons.  This is certainly a one of a kind piece that is not only lovely to look at, but also useful.  Keep track of all of your upcoming events, or leave messages for your family on this beautiful calendar chalkboard.

Special thanks to Mandy Balsiger and Patti Domenici.

Value: Stay Organized!

Native American Art Inspired Cabinet – Mrs. Squires’ Class, 4th Grade

Mrs. Squires’ class used wood veneers to create traditional form line Salmon with a twist on this one of a kind wine cabinet. It is pre- stocked with wine. Or just buy the cabinet and give the wine to your friends!  A great addition to any home! (cabinet side)


Value: Northwest art and wine!

Special Thanks to Kate Gutierrez.


Faux Wrought Iron Wall Art – Mrs. Phillip’s Class, 5th Grade

Mrs. Phillips 5th Grade students created a faux wrought iron look a-like wall art using empty toilet paper rolls. Each child made a flower with the empty paper rolls and glued it to the frame. This “best out of waste” artwork would be perfect hanging in any home!

Special Thanks to Pavani Pothukuchi .

Value: Reduce, reuse and recycle for great effect

Butterfly Art – Mrs. Robb’s Class, 2nd Grade

“There are two things we should give our children: one is roots and the other is wings.” Mrs. Robb’s classes created a beautiful shadowbox prompted by this quote from Hodding Carter and inspired by their spring science unit about butterflies.  Each child folded an origami butterfly and decorated it with a symmetrical design inspired by actual butterfly images.  The butterflies were mounted on a wire tree branch suspended in a custom hand-made walnut frame with clear panels on both sides, allowing the color of the recipient’s wall to show through from behind.  This piece is certain to become a treasured memento of your child’s elementary years, when you grounded them with love, education, and values that would carry them through the experiences awaiting them in life.




Value: Children take flight too!

Special thanks to Christy Deer, Michael Lomax, and Jodi Thomas!

Seattle Cityscape Deck Chairs – Mrs. Westberg’s Class, 6th Grade

Mrs. Westberg’s class built a set of six unique deck chairs and painted them with the Seattle Skyline at sunset.  The kids enjoyed learning some basic carpentry skills and with sixth grade finesse finished them beautifully.  These one of a kind pieces will compliment any patio and are perfect for sitting around the fireside with friends and family.



Value: Carpentry is fun!

Special thanks to Susie Krost and Ana Walker.

Pop Art – Mrs. Deer’s Class, 3rd Grade

Mrs. Deer’s third graders made a beautiful wall art hanging made by arranging Popsicle sticks that the children painted. Our idea was to let each child choose their own color and paint several sticks with that color and then we arranged them in an orderly fashion. We wanted to each child’s individual taste/choice reflect in the group effort. The children thought it looked like people of different types holding hands and standing around the world and how the children of all color and culture come together at Bear Creek Elementary.



Value: Many things can be seen in a single piece of art!

Special thanks to Jeny Bhimani and Surabhi Rathi!

Our Shared Earth – Mrs. Draper’s Class, 5/6 Split

The essence of the beautiful, is unity in variety.

~W. Somerset Maugham

This winsome artistic representation of “Our Shared Earth” embodies the creativity and beautiful vision of our amazing world as seen through the eyes of our children.   Every button was individually chosen, for either color or character, by our students, and then carefully and thoughtfully placed on “Our Shared World”.  While a single button typifies a sole choice, our final piece depicts teamwork and togetherness, and is a true, and timeless, treasure.

Special thanks to Kindra Holmer.

Value: The wonder of children!

It’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – Mrs. Anderson’s Class, 1st Grade

Mrs. Anderson’s 1st graders created wonderful paper houses from patterned paper. The houses are grouped in a collage to depict a neighborhood and the idea of “Home Sweet Home”. This would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s décor.




Value: Little house designers

Special thanks to Stacey Robb, Brooke Selg, and Tracy Westberg!

Grow Your Imagination with Books – Mrs. Christopherson and Mrs. Mustach’s Class, 5th Grade

The fifth graders in this class love to read and have been working on writing stories too. So we asked them to imagine what the cover of a book they wrote would look like to add to our imagination tree bookshelf. The leaves of the tree are these wonderful book covers along with favorite quotes from the class. This bookshelf is all about the places our favorite books can take us in our minds!

Special thanks to Kim Hagstrom, Greg Shelton, and Hilary Prentice

Value: Reading grows our imaginations!

Get Your Hands on a Good Book – Mrs. Mallory’s Class, 4th Grade

Mrs. Mallory’s 4th graders created a fun bookshelf using their own handprints that they decorated with rainbow colors. They put them as decoration on a great cube storage shelf. Lots of great storage for all the books you can get your hands on! It’s also a great keepsake of the kid’s actual handprints.

mallory1group14 mallory2group14mallory3group14

Value: We love to read!

Special thanks to Stacey Robb and Christy Deer!

Chihuly Inspired Cup Art – Mrs. McKnight’s Class, 3rd Grade

Mrs. McKnight’s third graders took ordinary plastic cups to a new level and created a wonderful art piece. The cups were decorated by the students and then melted down to create a Chihuly inspired piece of art. A great addition to your art collection!

Special thanks to Dee Krivoshein.

Value: Ordinary everyday things can make great art!




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