Updated forms on the website

We’re getting a jumpstart on Procurement this year and if you would like to help out, please checkout all of the updated forms on the Procurement/Forms page. We’ve added two new documents this year–the first is a Receipt of Donation that you can print out for yourself to keep for your tax records or give to businesses that you have procured from for their records. The second is a great document, called Procurement Tips  with tips on how to get started with procurement (written by one of our Procurement Chairs, Kate Gutierrez). It has some conversation starters that you may find helpful.

We’re hoping that each family can think of a unique item or experience that you can donate to the auction. If you have any questions about procurement, please reach out to our Procurement Chairs:

Kate Gutierrez, kate_gutierrez@comcast.net

Anne Lind, lindcochez@comcast.net

Kim Roemer, kimberly@roemers.com

Please let us know if you’re interested in joining the Procurement Team or if you would like to work on Sponsorship.




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