More Class Projects–Adventure and Art!

We have two more completed class projects up for display–one for the family that is heading into the great outdoors this summer and the other for the family that has their sites set on visits to SAM during their summer vacation.

“Camp Out” Mrs. Hetherington and Mrs. Gangwish–1st Grade

GandH2013.2 GandH2013

“Silhouette Art” Mrs. Nelson–6th Grade


Fore more details on these class projects and to view all of the completed class projects, visit the Class Projects Page.

A couple of quick reminders:

Volunteers sign up here:

Wine Drop this Thursday 8:15-8:45 am and 3-3:30 pm down near the Safeway driveway. Pull over and drop off your wine and other procurement!

If you would still like to help out with purchasing gift cards, we still need a few: please email Kris Pedro, to find out which ones we still need purchased. Thank you!

Auction work parties this Friday, 9 am and next Tuesday, May 14th. Email Brooke Jones, for more details!


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