2013 ABC Auction/Class Projects

The 2012-13 ABC Auction Presents:

Denim & Diamonds

Auction Chair: Anna Adams

A very special thank you to the sponsors of the 2013 ABC Auction:

Diamond Level ($1000+ Donation)

Butler & Butler Real Estate

Marlisa Fisher / Rainier Investments Management, Inc.

Platinum Level ($500 Donation)

Andrea Rogers / Orange Commercial Credit

Barry Glenn / State Farm Insurance

Dr. Rama Oskouian / Woodinville Pediatric Dentistry

Gold Level ($250 Donation)

Rhys Jones / Affirma Consulting

Bruce Seller / Windermere Woodinville

Brian Lampe / BTL Engineering

Dr. Jeremy Chaison / Bothell Orthodontics

Sarah George / White Orchid Soap Co.

2013 Class Projects

“Seattle Starry Night  Masterpiece” Mrs. Morris–1st/2nd Grade

 Mrs. Morris First and Second Graders have created a unique collaborative painting. They have painted our beautiful Seattle skyline and elements of Washington State on mini canvasses. All these are mounted into a custom made wooden frame. It’s art, it’s a puzzle! It’s a giant wall art puzzle! Challenge your friends and family to put the pieces back together and enjoy this one of a kind piece of art.


Value: Enjoy the View!

Thank you to volunteer Roz Chauls and the families in Mrs.Morris’ class

“Snowboard Bench” Mrs. Eckart–5th Grade

 The students in Mrs .Eckarts’ class have decorated and signed this cool looking snow board bench. This will be the new popular hang out spot in your yard or home!


Value: ah..the memories..!

 Thank you to volunteers Kristine Adam, Mindy Christopherson, Anna Adams, and Angelina Denver and the families in Mrs. Eckart’s class.

“Mosaic Garden Art” Mrs. Sherman–4th Grade

Mrs. Sherman’s class project features a trio of garden pots filled with a mosaic river scene on stone, metal, and river rock. Inspired by the 4th grade Salmon project, each child created their own mosaic of water, salmon, dragonfly, frog, or lizard. Each piece is identified with the child’s signature on the back. 3 solar spotlights are included to illuminate your mosaic garden art in the evenings.

sherman sherman2

Value: Zen for Your Yard

Thank you to volunteers Kelly Locke and Laurel Sumner, and the families in Mrs. Sherman’s class.  This project was made possible by generous donations from McKinstry, TJ Maxx, and Clearview Nursery and Stone

“Fused Glass Picture Frames” Mrs. Smith–6th Grade

Mrs. Smith’s 6th grade students created their own vibrant design for a fused glass picture frame. Each frame is unique and we offer two sizes. 5×3 or 6×4 as chosen by the student. These will be offered individually in the silent auction.

 smith smith2

Value: Frame it!

Thank you to volunteers Rachel Sherin, Jessica DiMarco and Erin Thompson and the families in Mrs. Smith’s class.

Special thanks to glass artist Carolyn Freese of Bothell.

“Native American Symbols from the Northwest” Mrs. Squires–4th Grade

Mrs. Squires 4th  grade students class project ties in with their studies of the Northwest Native Americans. For this wall art piece, they focused on the stylized images that were used in decorating totem poles, boats and longhouses.  All students proceeded to create their own versions of these symbols in block print technique, using traditional colors. Medium is acrylic on rice paper.  The prints were put together in a collection of two panels 20×30, framed to beautify any home or office.

 squires squires2 squires3

Value: Art for the connoisseur in you

Thank you to volunteers: Kim Hagstrom and Jessica DiMarco and the families in Mrs. Squires class.

“Wine Barrel Table with Seattle Underwater and Skyline Theme” Mrs. Westberg–5th Grade

Mrs. Westberg’s students each painted a section of a beautiful painting of an underwater scene and Seattle Skyline using acrylic paints. The students painted directly on a table made out of wine barrel, which was then varnished. This wine barrel table comes with two stools fabricated from wine barrels. This one of a kind table and stools are sure to be cherished for many years to come and will look beautiful in your home!


Value: Second to none

Thank you to volunteers Susan Lampe and Susie Krost and a big thank you to Adrian Starks from “Bottom of the Barrel” for fabricating the table and stools. http://bottomofthebarrelco.com. Thank you to all of the families in Mrs. Westberg’s class.

“Bird Sculptures Wall Art” Mrs. Selg–2nd Grade

Ms. Selg’s second graders created a flock of singing birds with paper mache.

Each bird is hand crafted and sealed for longevity. The happy flock is perched in a beautiful black lacquer vintage style frame on natural birch branches. The final touch is an embroidered ribbon with the saying “The Littlest Birds…Sing the Prettiest Songs.” Branches have been preserved and all adhesives are permanent, and durable. Each child’s favorite song is listed in a complementary frame displayed alongside the main piece.

 selg selg2

Value: Sing to your little heart’s content.

This project was made possible by donations from class parents and Gen Sumner, class grandparent. Thank you!

“Four Seasons of Friendship and Fun Coat Tree” Mrs. Paisley–1st Grade

 Mrs. Paisley’s first grade class has given new life to an old broken and discarded wood window by repurposing it into a beautiful coat “tree” for your home. The first grade friends used their fingers to paint vibrant leaves on a tree that spans four window panes representing the four seasons.

Each student signed the back of the window around the pane where their fingerprint leaves are painted. They also wrote something they have fun doing during that season. The window is backlit to represent the sun streaming through their beautiful branches.

 paisley paisley2

Value: Always a place to hang your hat.

Thank you to volunteers: Kelly Locke, Mike Locke, Brooke Jones, P.A. Brent of Cricket Studio and the families in Mrs. Paisley’s class.

“Watch Me Grow” Mirror, Mrs. Christopherson–Kindergarten

 The kindergartners in Mrs. Christopherson’s class have decorated a tall mirror with their handprints. The mirror has a handy growth measuring line to keep track of your children’s growth.

christoperson christoperson2

Value: This one you can take with you!

 Thank you to volunteer: Heather Hart and the families in Mrs. Christopherson’s class.

“Tree of Life Mosaic Bench” Mrs. Phillips–6th Grade

Mrs. Phillips’ students did a study on the ancient art of mosaics. They learned that this art was practiced in several ancient civilizations and they learned about the different materials that were used. Then they proceeded to create a Tree of Life design out of glass mosaics and this was cemented and grouted on a cement 4’x13″ concrete bench.


Value: Too pretty to sit on!

Thank you to Erin Subcleff and April Forgey and Anne Lind and the families in Mrs.Phillips’ class

“Van Gogh Inspired Firepit” Mrs. McKnight and Mrs. Mustach’s–3rd Grade

 The 3rd grade students in Mrs. McKnight and Mrs. Mustach’s class have learned about Vincent Van Gogh’s works of art. They learned that he enjoyed painting sunflowers in all stages of life.  They practiced small brush strokes, then all of the students designed their own version of a sunflower and painted it onto a ceramic tile. All the tiles were glazed and fired and mounted into a rectangular firepit.

MnM2013 MnM20132

Value: Sunflowers make you happy!

 Thank you to volunteers Lani Savage-Leuchs and Anne Lind and the families in Mrss. M& M’s class.

“Water Lily and Cat Tail Water Fountain” Mrs. Jones–3rd Grade

Mrs. Jones’ 3rd grade students have constructed and painted water lily leaves from soda cans and cattails from small wine bottles. All these were used to create a unique metal water fountain sculpture.

 jones1 jones2

Value: A Zen feature for Home or Garden!

Thank you to volunteers: Kate Gutierrez, Ana Walker, Kristen
Meston, Shauna Kennedy, Sue Halstrom, Everett Steel and the families in Mrs. Jones’ class.

“Camp Out” Mrs. Hetherington and Mrs. Gangwish–1st Grade

The First graders in Mrs. Hetherington and Mrs. Gangwish’s class had adventure in mind when they decorated this 7.5′ tee-pee. They hand printed all the denim pockets, and stuffed them with all sorts of toys and goodies that kids might need while camping out.

GandH2013.2 GandH2013

Value: you sleep in, they sleep out!

Thank you to volunteers: Amber St.Amand and Patti Domenici and the families in Mrs. Hetherington and Mrs. Gangwish class.

“Silhouette Art” Mrs. Nelson–6th Grade

Each student in Mrs. Nelson’s class created a colorful self-portrait silhouette in which they added a dark silhouette of our Seattle skyline. These one of a kind works of art will enhance anyone’s home or office. Combine several for an aesthetic effect!

Each portrait is offered individually in the silent auction, allowing you to bid on one or more.


Value: A memory to behold!

Thank you to volunteer: Olivia Talbot and the families in Mrs. Nelson’s class.

“Kandinsky Inspired Silk Painting” Mrs. Mallory–4th Grade EAP

Mrs. Mallory and Mrs. Shearers’ 4th grade students have learned how to paint on silk and put this skill to good use in their class project. They have created a Kandinsky inspired silk painting stretched over canvas to beautify your home or office. The silk paintings are mounted on three 24 in x 36 in canvas panels.


Value: Silk art second to none!

 Thank you to parent volunteers: Katherine Yoo, April Forgey, and Shara McCann and the families in Mrs. Mallory’s class.

Special thanks to Susan Cyr of Seahorse Studio http://www.seahorsestudio.net/

“Painted Rain Barrel” Mrs. Robb–2nd Grade EAP

 Mrs. Robb’s 2nd graders’ focus this year is on saving the much overlooked water resource–rain water. Their painted rain barrel would make your gardening a step more green and enhance the beauty of your yard. (An authentic oak barrel texture is molded into each barrel and will not fade, rot or risk insect infestation. The built in planter allows you to add a touch of nature and beauty to your rain barrel which is equipped with a durable brass spigot with hose hook-up and a screen to keep out debris and insects. 35 gallon capacity, UV protection from sunlight, brass spigot with hose hook-up, the class did not hook up-materials are inside the barrel.)


Value: Collecting rainwater has never looked so beautiful!

Thank you to volunteers: Marie Koole and Jeny Bhimani and the families in Mrs. Robb’s class.

“Abstract Pitcher and Glasses Set” Mrs. Crawford–2nd Grade

Mrs.Crawford’s students put their math and art skills to work by designing geometrical shapes for a glassware set. Using special paint, they painted the shapes on a glass pitcher and matching glasses. All shapes were outlined and heat set. The set is dishwasher safe.


Value: Just in time for Summer!

Thank you to volunteers: Tracy Gibson, Diane Brandt,  Angelina Denver, and Amy Delachica and the families in Mrs. Crawford’s class.

“Wire Garden Flowers Set” Mrs. Draper–5th Grade EAP

Mrs. Draper’s 5th grade students made fused glass elements that were used in the creation of two large metal wire flowers. These tall flowers are on garden stakes and will be the stars of your garden!


Value: Plant in shade or sun, no water required!

Thank you volunteers: Davina Duerr and Beth Hage and the families in Mrs. Draper’s class.

“Stars ‘n Stripes, Kindergarten Style”  Mrs. Morrison–Full Day Kindergarten

Mrs. Morrison’s students put their best foot and finger forward with this masterpiece. They have re-created the Stars ‘n Stripes Kindergarten style, on fabric with foot and finger prints! A must have to show your American pride!

Value: Betsy Ross would be proud!

Thank you volunteer: Meghan Newell and the families in Mrs. Morrison’s class.

Abstract Fused Glass Platter and Mirror”  Mrs. Deer–3rd Grade

Mrs. Deer’s 3rd grade students created two unique glass fusion projects. For the first piece, students fashioned abstract designs that were fused into a black rectangular platter. In the second piece, students’ individual fish motif tiles surround a mirror.

Two pieces of art you will cherish and use for years to come!


Value: Let’s split them up!

Thank you to volunteers: Mrs. Deer and Mrs. Robb and the families in Mrs. Deer’s class.


7 thoughts on “2013 ABC Auction/Class Projects

  1. Anne Lind May 2, 2013 / 8:35 pm

    More class project photo’s will be posted as they become available. Most projects are still being worked on. Please check again soon.

  2. Chris Mauer August 2, 2014 / 9:17 am

    I love all of these beautiful projects. We would like to do a firepit for one of our auction projects. I was wondering if someone would be willing to contact me with tips. Thank you and God bless

  3. Morgan Thomas November 4, 2014 / 9:49 pm

    I currently work at a preschool and we have an art exhibit coming this spring. I would love to do the Growth Mirror for our auction piece! Where were you able to buy the wooden food length mirror from or did you have to make yourself? I am very interested in any information you have for me! Thank you!

  4. Johnd4 April 10, 2015 / 4:53 am

    I think this is a real great blog post.Much thanks again. ecdfbbeeebec

  5. Dolores Delatorre January 9, 2016 / 4:39 pm

    I work at a private preschool and we did the Growth Mirror last year for our spring auction with excellent results. This year I would like to do the Four Seasons of Friendship and Fun Coat Tree. Have a couple of questions. Did you paint directly on the window panes or did you use canvas? and did you use a battery operated light switch to light it from the back? Thank you so much!

    • bjones January 14, 2016 / 12:44 pm

      Hi Dolores, We did paint directly onto the backside of the window pane (we did a light outline of the tree, then the finger prints, and finally painted the tree). Covering the backside was tissue paper to give the color. It was a very small battery powered Christmas-like light string that we attached to the back of the window frame (there was almost like a groove that we stapled the string into). I hope that helps!

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