Volunteer Positions are OPEN!

We are busy putting together committees and volunteers at all levels for our 2013 ABC Auction.

We do need a chair (or couple of chairs) to head up Production & Catalog and Sponsorship. Please let me know if you are willing to take on these fun roles! Also, we have specific tasks that need to be completed as well.

Please let me know where you’d like to help out:

  • Auction Chair (would love a 2nd person to partner with Anna and take over the position next year)
  • Classroom Project (would love a 2nd person to partner with Anne and learn the position for next year)
  • Decoration committee – volunteers needed to put together all of the pieces prior to auction and day of the auction (need 8-10 for the day of)
  • Transportation – volunteers needed to transport class projects, decorations, and pick up dessert dash (need 5-8 for the day of)
  • Procurement – need volunteer to call all of our past donors
  • Sponsorship – work with businesses to obtain new sponsorship
  • Catalog – need volunteer to organize and get catalog printed
  • Slide show of live auction items – who’s good with PowerPoint?
  • Data Entry and putting packets together – who’s detail oriented?
  • General volunteers – so we can come calling when we need something that needs to be completed

Volunteering for the ABC Auction is a fun way to get involved and make a difference in our school. If you would like to sign up or have questions, please email the ABC Volunteer Coordinators; Anna Adams anna_adams@comcast.net, Brooke Jones brooke@rbjsolutions.com.


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